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Letters: Fees and foreclosures

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Published: Wednesday, 29 June 2016 13:45
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During the recent LID foreclosure auction, it was mentioned that back utility fees would be due to the city after the sale. About 6 years ago, I bought several properties and later found out that over $5000 in back utility fees were "owed" on these properties. I consulted an attorney and was told that according to RCW 35.50.010, the only lien paramount and superior to the ULID lien is a lien for general taxes, which puts any city utility lien or a community club lien inferior to these ULID foreclosures. I went to the Mayor to present this and had the door slammed in my face. I then, under the freedom of information act, requested over 200 utility records, to find out that not only was the city charging new owners these fees, but they were taking LID funds and transferring that money to the city utility funds to bolster up the utilities.

I then went to the State Auditor and presented these facts over a two year period, and all I received in return was a lot of excuses. I then went to the Auditor's supervisor, and after a year received a letter back stating that they didn't have the resources to investigate this and that I should consult with the city's finance director.

I did that and found out that the $5,000 in back utility fees were magically waived. That same State Auditor is now the city's finance director. My advice to the wise is that you consult with your attorney before paying back utility fees and community club fees supposedly due as a result of a LID foreclosure.

Al Lizakowski

Ocean Shores

ACE thanked for help

on student's project

I would like to express my deep gratitude and thankfulness to Ace Hardware/Buck Electric in Ocean Shores for donating $200 worth of supplies to my senior project. Their generous donation will help all future NBHS throwers in practice to get ready for competition. Thank you for all that you do for the North Beach community and the school.

Alex Horn

Ocean Shores