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Jarck and Smythe join luxury real estate firm in Charleston; national realty adds former church worker

William Means brings on pair of experienced agents

Two associates who live east of the Cooper placed their licenses with a downtown agency specializing in high-end homes.

The agents, George Jarck and Kalyn Smythe, signed on with William Means Real Estate.

According to the company, Jarck carries more than 24 years of real estate experience. He previously owned an established firm in Massachusetts. Jarck sold more than 500 homes, working with both buyers and sellers #x201c;to navigate just about every real estate experience and circumstance,#x201d; William Means Real Estate notes.

Winona's real-estate market looks strong in spring 2016, with experts calling it a sellers' market.

Winona's real-estate market looks strong in spring 2016, with experts calling it a sellers' market.

Real Estate Transactions for Sunday, May 29, 2016

Douglas Ludlum sold 305 Coming St. to Ashton and Robert Szadek for $550,000.

Christopher P. Deters sold 14 Alberta Ave. to Joseph R. Bishop III and Kellie C. Bishop for $426,000.

Joel L. Mauldin II sold 3080 South Shore Drive, Battery Haig on the Stono to First Citizens Bank amp; Trust Co. Inc. for $710,000.

Joseph S. Shisko sold 120 South Battery St. to Wells Fargo Bank NA for $3.6 million.

Charles A. and Eileen B. Hutchison sold 42 Laurens St. to Betty B. Harmon for $1.5 million.

Peter Vu sold 307 President St. to Emeritus LLC for $235,000

Justin L. Broome sold 858 Rutledge Ave. to Allen Ernest Pendarvis Jr. and Elizabeth Lauren Powell for $610,000.

John R. and Dorothy MF McLain sold 6 Trumbo St. to John A. and Elaine K. Ferraro for $666,000.

Harry G. and Nancy W. Fendrich sold 28 Warren St. to David Randall Johnson and Phillip M. Rhodes for $1.2 million.

Kristin G. Kuhlke Cobb sold Unit 126, 1 Cool Blow St., One Cool Blow to Andra Watkins and Michael Maher for $315,000.

Mary E. Richardson sold Unit 2, 301 Broad St., Broad Street Arms to Thirty-Nine Ashley LLC for $460,000.

Betty B. Harmon sold Unit F, 36 Prioleau St., One Vendue Range to Robert H. Atkinson Jr. for $1.1 million.

Susan S. Mathews sold Unit 204, 377 King St. to Virgilio George and Alisha George-Minkner for $385,000.

Joseph P. Pickett sold Unit 316, 150 Bee St., Bee Street Lofts to Paul P. and Kimberley O. Vessa for $281,000.

L B amp; B Assoc. LLC sold Unit B, 337 King St. to Burke Enterprises Inc. for $1.6 million.

Michael Santford Parlier sold Unit C, 9 Race St. to Louis and Kelly Caputo for $445,000.

Edisto Island

John M. Wier sold 930 Crawford Drive, Crawford Place to Robert C. and Tammy L. McCauley for $260,000.

Gregory A. and Denise D. Tutas sold 8184 Loran Court to Karen Beshears for $289,000.

Catherine M. Kuykendall sold 8525 Oyster Factory Road to Margaret F. and Herbert M. Thornton for $250,500.

Robert L. Mapp Jr. and Kimberly Dorr sold 7819 Russell Creek Road, Russell Creek to Manuel Jimenez IV and Carla M. Jimenez for $225,000.

Folly Beach

Mary Ann Henry sold 202 East Hudson Ave. to Catherine Coulter for $525,000.


Darren W. and Wendy J. Bernstein sold 5219 Old Washington Course, Plantation at Stono Ferry to Lance E. and Susan L. Syner for $470,000.

Darcie Jo Petrone sold 5017 Timber Race Course, Plantation at Stono Ferry to Thomas B. and Ann Browne for $550,000.

Isle of Palms

Isle of Palm LLC sold 600 Carolina Blvd. to Christine M. Glynn for $1.1 million.

3301 Palm Boulevard LLC sold 3301 Palm Blvd. to Tiger Express Lady#x2019;s Island LLC for $2 million.

Cary ND Fishburne Jr. and Gina M. Fishburne sold 4 Sandcrab Court to Robert J. and Nancy M. Poffenbarger for $640,000.

James Island

Donald C. and Jamie B. Mitchum sold 1676 Hunley Ave., Bay Front to John D. and Kate R. Pfile for $460,000.

Bruce E. Walker sold 684 Clearview Drive, Clearview to John W. and Amy R. Glenn III for $382,000.

Clinton J. and Michelle R. Chamness sold 747 Schaffer Drive, Clearview to Ted J. Shockley and Megan N. Taylor for $445,000.

Charles R. Thompson Jr. sold 15 Country Club Drive to Brian R. and Jacquelyn S. Powers for $925,000.

Ronald E. Dewitt Jr. sold 1529 Little Rock Blvd., Fairway Villas to Jessica M. Lovelace for $253,000.

Debra L. Baio sold 1455 Swamp Fox Lane, Jamestowne Village to Cody M. and Dwight L. Orr for $280,000.

Bridgetown Properties LLC sold 968 Travers Drive, Lawton Bluff to William Timothy Halligan for $410,000.

Lynn Nelson-Hennis and Hugh L. Hennis sold 1011 Travers Drive, Lawton Bluff to Barbara J. Wagner for $435,000.

Anne TA and Andrew S. Eagen sold 1040 Kentwood Circle, Lynwood to Robert J. Hafer and Abigail E. Husk for $250,000.

Charles H. Puite sold 1682 Dexter Lane, Meridian Place to Pearse and Jane E. Fitzpatrick for $219,000.

Elaine Winebar Dawson and Cynthia M. Sudano sold 948 West Oceanview Road, Ocean View to Mark and Lauren Lipsmeyer for $300,000.

William O. Duc IV and Stephanie W. Duc sold 901 Longwood Lane, Patriots Plantation to John A. Holt and Jessica N. Hodge for $418,000.

Lisa Kerr Vriesema Lyles sold 2101 Saint James Drive, Riverland Terrace to Ky Coffman and William Allport for $306,000.

Thomas M. Rooke sold 401 Stefan Drive, Stefan Acres to Thomas J. Ayers for $257,000.

James R. and Kylie S. Pittman sold 2238 Terrabrook Lane to John M. and Kristen KA Litchfield for $535,000.

Johns Island

Mungo Homes Coastal Division LLC sold 1460 Milldam Pass, Brownswood Village to Bernd R. Schmidt for $265,135.

Todd and Erin K. Harwood sold 1987 Jewel St., Cedar Spring to Lennon Z. and Ashley L. Davis for $280,000.

Brent Barton Kelly sold 1575 Burnswick Ave., Fenwick Hills to Anna C. and Teresa C. Hardwick for $247,000.

James R. and Lia S. Gillette sold 3895 Plantation Lakes Drive, Gift Plantation to Joseph B. and Dedy E. Baker for $440,000.

George I. and Kimberly K. David sold 4036 Gift Blvd., Gift Plantation to Peter A. and Lori M. Nebel for $1.1 million.

David P. Morris IV and Kara C. Morris sold 556 Two Mile Run, Grimball Gates to James E. and Cheri Carver for $380,000.

Robert A. Browning Jr. and Sylvia C. Browning sold 3087 Maritime Forest Drive, Hope Plantation to James A. Sullivan for $361,750.

CalAtlantic Group Inc. sold 1502 Musgrove St., Lakeside Park at Brownswood Road to James P. Portune Jr. and Nicole M. Kansas for $289,000.

Palmetto Home Investments LLC sold 3030 Maybank Highway to Robert Cauble Jr. and Melissa Cauble for $535,000.

Katherine Brolliar sold 3531 McLeod Mill Road, Shell Point to Paul G. and Christine F. Tinsley for $246,000.

Kimberly A. Mahaffey sold 1678 Bee Balm Road, St. John#x2019;s Crossing to Kristen Elizabeth Wallace for $229,900.

Eastwood Construction LLC sold 2867 Moonbeam Drive, Swygerts Landing to Therese H. and Donald R. Orlando for $325,170.

Linda H. Browder sold 2974 Sweetleaf Lane, The Gardens of Whitney Lakes to Nancy Louise Wetmore for $202,500.

Peter B. Liska Jr. and Catharine M. Liska sold 5072 Coral Reef Drive, The Villages of Saint John#x2019;s Woods to Helen K. and John P. Hughes for $421,500.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3032 Olivia Marie Lane, Waterloo Estates to Robert B. Culbertson Jr. and Lauren D. Culbertson for $469,069.

Crescent Homes SC LLC sold 3130 Olivia Marie Lane, Waterloo Estates to Dalton P. and Kara Wilson for $500,180.

Edward W. Weekley Jr. sold 3622 Hilton Drive to Cynthia B. Persin for $226,235.

June Gano sold 3025 Plow Ground Road, Wood-Dale to Carol W. Knupp and Christine J. Kottyan for $285,000.

Kiawah Island

Raymond Patrick Krause sold 5517 Cypress Cottage Lane, Cypress Point to James O. Herbert Jr. and Vera B. Herbert for $1.6 million.

Barbara J. Plum sold 595 Piping Plover Lane, Egret Pintail to Jonathan A. and Clair L. Kirby for $2.1 million.

Christopher B. and Elizabeth S. Power sold 572 Oyster Rake Drive to Carolyn C. Cauttrell for $550,000.


J. Scott and Michelle K. Steinbrecher sold 435 Dupre Road to Christen White and Richard Harrison for $330,000.


Barbara Ann Rosato sold 4115 Legacy Lane to Russell L. Dowdy III and Nancy W. Dowdy for $380,000.

Mount Pleasant/ East Cooper

Beth L. Isenhour sold 2388 Parsonage Woods Lane, Arlington to Brian D. and Susan D. Irving for $318,000.

Charlotte Thames Morse sold 729 Hibbens Grant Blvd., Awendaw Landing to Flying Fig Farm LLC for $210,000.

John P. Taylor and Ann T. Jones sold 1173 Carter Ave. to Paul E. Walker Jr. for $255,500.

Dustin L. and Kellye Tolley sold 2861 Caitlins Way, Carol Oakes to Robert D. and Lauren E. Scaletti for $311,000.

Cline Construction LLC sold 3853 Fifle St., Carolina Park to Norman J. Leonard III and Debra H. Leonard for $724,548.

The Burton Co. sold 1506 Windlass Way, Carolina Park to Meghan ER and Gerald T. Lynch for $748,342.

Sabal Homes at Grand Oaks sold 1558 Lindsey Creek Drive, Carolina Park to Alan R. Belcher Jr. and Jennifer R. Belcher for $776,954.

Pulte Home Corp. sold 1925 Carlina Towne Court, Carolina Walk at Towne Centre to Bonnie S. Holman for $565,590.

Stanley R. and Tammy L. Decker sold 1428 Thayer Place, Churchill Park at Park West to Sam C. and Deanna L. Barrow for $385,000.

Brian D. and Susan D. Irving sold 3412 Toomer Kiln Circle, Coatbridge at Park West to Terrance E. and Sondra R. O#x2019;Shaughnessy for $420,000.

Robert O. Brown Jr. and Evelyn F. Zale-Brown sold 3562 Toomer Kiln Circle, Coatbridge at Park West to Steven D. Hintz and Nicole F. Dolan for $462,000.

Ronald J. and Shari R. Santos sold 1546 Hidden Bridge Drive, Cooper#x2019;s Landing to Taylor Still IV and Victoria L. MacDonald for $339,000.

Robert K. Roe Jr. and Pamela Roe sold 496 Triple Oak Drive, Darrell Creek to Mark C. and Sara K. Mercuri for $615,000.

Karen D. Beshears sold 518 Center St. to 518 Center LLC for $431,000.

Weekley Homes LLC sold 1488 Short St. to Randy D. and Jennifer A. Gragg for $1.1 million.

Kelley Smith sold 184 Fair Sailing Road, Egret#x2019;s Walk at Dunes West to John D. and Megan K. Mahoney for $236,000.

Michael H. Levin and Anah S. McRae-Levin sold 1589 Glen Erin Drive, Glenlake to Jeffrey Cohen and Andrea Boyd for $340,000.

Christopher M. Dewinne sold 2882 Woodland Park Drive, Hamlin Park to Nathan P. and Jessica M. Matherly for $247,000.

Debra L. Whitfield sold 1451 Hamlin Park Circle, Hamlin Park to Maritza Roncancio for $313,000.

Brent L. and Lindsay N. Doolittle sold 831 Bridge Point Circle, Harbour Watch to David James Pardus for $2.2 million.

English K. Drews and Stephen H. Giebner sold 568 Galera Lane, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Terryn C. and Benjamin C. Patterson for $600,000.

Andrew M. and Diana LK Snyder sold 902 Tupelo Bay Drive, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Robin B. and Joseph M. Fishburne for $789,000.

Thomas and Renee K. Smallwood sold 557 Galera Lane, Hibben at Belle Hall Plantation to Milad Yazdani and Deema Ismail for $849,000.

909 Royall LLC sold 909 Royall Ave. to William Caleb Pearson for $556,250.

Frank H. and Suzanne E. Knowlton sold 591 Planters Rest, Hobcaw Creek Plantation to Louis P. and Belleza B

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Residential real estate transfers, May 29

Stratford Park Development to Empire Homes and Remodeling, 8925 N. 169th Ave., $43,600.

Charleston Homes to Girard, Jason C. and Elizabeth A., 8919 N. 171st St., $327,532.

Celebrity Homes to Covemaker, Blake M. and Stephanie A., 8832 N. 161st Ave., $289,300.

Sanchez, Christopher R. and Martin-Sanchez, Christine C. to Meador, Amie S., 8219 N. 153rd Terrace, $136,000.

Barks, Brian A. and Eileen M. to Humphrey, Shane M. and April L., 7712 N. 164th Circle, $319,500.

Waterford Development to Mercury Contractors, 7120 N. 151st Ave., $26,000.

Patak, Luanne to Leiderbrand, Kenneth L. and Deborah, 18930 Northern Hills Drive, $190,000.

Celebrity Homes to McWhirt, Sean, 16163 Sunflower St., $256,850.

Sherwood Homes to Pritchett, Aaron and Tara, 15944 Grebe St., $291,661.

Waterford Development to Landmark Performance Corp., 14804 Starlite Circle, $50,000.

Waterford Development to Mercury Contractors, 14440 Vane St., $25,000.

Fleuren, Paul and Schulze, Amy J. to Butterfield, Kylie R. and Cynthia B., 11809 N. 157th Ave., $148,000.

Woodlands Crossing to Olsen, Korey and Jamie, 10320 N. 183rd St., $114,500.


ER-North Development to Showcase Homes, 902 Elk Ridge Drive, $60,000.

ER-North Development to Palmer, Glenn C. and Heather D., 811 Elk Ridge Drive, $105,000.

Roop, Christopher E. and Priya to Baker, Travis and Julie, 714 S. 200th St., $370,000.

Charleston Homes to Gardner, Melvin J. II and Calida L., 4622 N. 208th St., $301,525.

Mittura, Todd L. and Melissa J. to Large, Samantha J. and Encarnacio, Ranilo S., 4005 N. 213th Circle, $119,000.

Showcase Homes to Pontow, Phillip R. and Amanda F., 3105 N. 194th St., $409,000.

Ramm Construction to Plautz, Brian E. and Wendie E., 3002 N. 194th St., $470,870.

Fitzpatrick, Mary M. to Peterson, Monte L. and Molly J., 296 Skyline Drive, $695,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Castle Brook Builders, 2445 S. 219th St., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Lueck Mack Enterprises, 2430 S. 219th St., $230,625.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 2415 S. 219th St., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Crown LTD, 2345 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Crown LTD, 2325 S. 218th Ave., $89,250.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Todd Menard Construction, 2315 S. 220th Ave., $153,000.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to LPC Properties, 2314 S. 218th Ave., $166,875.

Luxe Design Co. to Jacobi, Jonathan and Jamie, 2217 S. 218th St., $144,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Luxe Design Co., 2217 S. 218th St., $124,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 21910 Martha St., $76,500.

Malibu Holdings to John, Jason A. and Amber L., 21874 Marinda St., $125,095.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Malibu Holdings, 21874 Marinda St., $124,200.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Oster Construction, 21865 Marinda St., $103,500.

Lanoha Real Estate Co. to Belt Construction Co., 21862 Martha St., $76,500.

Kennedy, Dean to Evans, Matthew E. and Stacy L., 21708 Harney St., $225,000.

PAC 211 LLC to Showcase Homes, 20909 William St., $230,850.

Davis, Pamela A. and Gary M. to Knobbe, Roger F., 20875 Rawhide Road, $465,000.

Faller, Daniel B. to Otte, Jeffrey A. and Pamela J. Trust, 20555 Ames Ave., $334,000.

Morgan, Delmar W. to Ritter, Alexander F. and Marguerite J., 20506 Laramie Road, $165,000.

Sigma Investments to Falcone Enterprises, 2006 S. 214th Ave., $89,888.

Frazell, Greg L. and Katie M. to Podany, Christopher J. and Danielle R., 20023 Farnam St., $250,000.

Flint, Joshua R. and Katie R. to Flint, Robert L. and Rebecca O., 19814 Rees St., $270,000.

Nawrocki, Michael D. and Jan M. to Skrivan, James A. and Cherie R., 19518 Jones St., $350,000.

Larson, Lindsay A. to Welborn, James A. and Lynn A., 18881 Pacific Plaza, $244,000.

Absolute Contracting to Gramercy Homes, 1702 S. 219th Ave., $125,500.

Paradise Homes to Thompson, Jason B., 1611 S. 207th St., $420,000.

Pohland Custom Homes to Kronberg, Kent and Kim, 1604 S. 219th St., $100,000.

Tige Development amp; Design to Morales, Chelsie, 1512 S. 211th St., $85,000.

Castle Brook Builders to Kohler, Brian and Lisa, 1214 S. 209th Circle, $65,000.

Thomas David Builders to Castle Brook Builders, 1214 S. 209th Circle, $56,300.


Archistructure Inc. to Hoich, John L., 5410 N. 279th St., $712,500.

Van Engen, Mervin R., trustee for Van Engen Trust to Van Dyke, Gregory A., 88 Ginger Cove Road, $470,000.


Nielsen, Douglas S. to Toth, Christopher L. and Christina, 24421 Chicago St., $950,000.


Thai, Gayla L. and John S. to Gade, Robert A. and Palmquist, Theresa M, 1214 Howard St., $331,999.


Bruce, Michelle L. to Bennett, Nicholas J., 6509 Decatur St., $87,501.

Muhammad, Naeem J. and Carolyn L. to Moo, Ku B. and Htoo, Eh, 6229 Fort St., $95,000.

Hoch, Jacqueline A. to Allen, Ndedi J., 5523 N. 69th Ave., $89,000.

Darnell, Lewanna G. to Daily, Julie, 5216 Northwest Drive, $70,000.

4D Management Holdings to Dollen, Jeff, 5006 Spencer St., $123,000.

Murphy, Larry L. and Donna R. to Renderos, Hugo, 3714 N. 71st St., $98,000.

Idnar Properties to Lynch, Robin and Piper B., 3502 N. 47th Ave., $65,000.

Wunderlich, Sally J. and Richard L. to McGill, John A. and Jane L., 3338 N. 55th St., $57,000.

Faughn, Jarrad and Kimberlee to Tworek, Jessica B. and Alex P., 3115 N. 47th Ave., $117,500.

Lyons, Kyle S. and Julie W. to Conley, Megan and Philip, 2940 N. 58th St., $150,000.

Lulow, Daniel J. and Shelley K. to Shada, Tonya J., 2936 N. 57th St., $89,900.

Coehen, Stephen M. and Amber L. to Hawkinson, Ashley M. and Matthew D., 2318 N. 70th Ave., $119,000.

Stoltenberg, Daniel G. and Sheppard, Laura A. to Bennett, Jennifer L., 2045 N. 65th St., $105,000.

Morse, Ralph E. and Anita J. to Hall, William J. and Ann E., 2043 N. 50th Ave., $154,000.

No Equity Homes to Christian, Wynn A. and Virginia A., 2040 N. 55th St., $315,000.

Rusie, Maxine D. Estate to Berriel, Ismavis L., 6003 Seward St., $77,000.


Fitzpatrick, Robert M. to Babcock, Kathleen A., 4246 William St., $136,500.

Baker, Karen M. and Ronald F. to Vaccher, Lino and Tina, 4216 William St., $213,000.

Plack, Martin M. to Bacome, Adam and Mary, 3067 S. 33rd St., $45,000.

Perry, Rozella E. to Gray, Theodore S., 2813 S. 40th St., $45,000.

Grieves, Donald P. to Van Winkle, Leslie J., 2140 S. 40th St., $106,500.

Greer, Robin W. and Myrtice C. to Neneman, Matthew R., 1739 Park Ave., $180,000.

Swanson, Steffi A., trustee, to O amp; H Investments D LLC, 2911 Martha St., $33,000.


Louis, Edward E. Jr. and McGuire, Susie M. to Advocacy Issue Management, 5820 Spring St., $127,000.

Kemp Consulting LLC to Cole, Rachel M. and Matthew J., 508 S. 58th St., $196,760.

Willey, James L. and Cheryl C. to Cascio, Brennan T. and Alfred F., 4821 Leavenworth St., $175,000.

Thompson, Helen P. to Scott, Tyrone J., 2706 S. 50th St., $100,000.

Goett, Patricia D. and David to CBNFVR LLC, 2219 S. 51st St., $86,500.

Strauch, Joel C. and Dawn R. to Klein, Sara, 2102 S. 49th Ave., $150,000.

Filipi, David H., trustee for Filipi Trust to JKP Properties, 813 S. 68th St., $117,000.

Dinan, Patricia A., personal representative, to Dinan, Bradley J., 1943 S. 61st Ave., $117,000.


DN Enterprises to Duke, Linda K., 5118 S. 23rd St., $35,000.

Lidgett, Clayton J. and Brittany to Valadez, Juan J., 3211 X St., $95,000.

Jeck, Audrey L. to Degner, Andrea D., 1306 Madison St., $117,000.


HBI LLC to H amp; S Partnership, 3446 S. 14th St., $67,800.

Ochi, Satoshi to Youtz, Ryan A., 1449 S. 12th St., $80,000.


Besmer, Russell L. to Williams, Jon D., 3974 Read St., $46,000.

CitiBank and OneWest Bank to Fleetwood Investments, 3405 Martin Ave., $50,000.

Peck, Frances H. to Hoover, Kelly and Christopher, 12212 N. 40th St., $235,000.


Wiles, Mary M. and Jim to Issaka, Saluhu and Jordan, Josephine, 9902 Broadmoor Road, $571,000.

Owen, Richard N. and Judith A. to Wolpert, Michael and Joanna, 9744 Ascot Drive, $712,814.

Kelly, Cathy S. to Lutton, Richard P., 8825 Edgevale Place, $190,000.

Dickinson, John A. and Darlene J. to Mekiney, James and Preslie, 7421 Schuyler Drive, $145,500.

Eblen, Sharon M. and Agers, Sharon M. to Rainey, Erin and Justin, 10523 Izard St., $140,000.

Calhoun, Richard P. and Kirsten Trust to Baird, Kara B. and Christopher G., 8405 Indian Hills Drive, $123,000.


Skrivan, James A. and Cherie R. to Jochim, Neal and Emilee, 6209 N. 151st St., $229,900.

Jones, Anastasia E. and Knox to Petrovick, Beth D., 5927 N. 166th Court, $135,000.

Taylor, Bernadet M. to Constantino, Thomas M, 5708 N. 159th St., $255,000.

Showcase Homes to Helgenberger, Dave and Lafferty, Sheila, 5702 N. 153rd St., $325,000.

KSG Properties to Silberman, Andrew and Ebling, Rebecca, 4804 N. 177th St., $154,000.

Newby-Knight, Khea to Perales, Gaston and Norma A., 4647 N. 155th Ave., $183,000.

Witkowski, Mark S. and December E. to Graf, Brandon and Armstrong, Andrea, 4224 N. 166th St., $202,000.

Hasenjager, Jeffrey T. and Nicole M. to Roitstein, Darrin M. , 4010 N. 163rd Circle, $232,000.

Lown, Alfred L. II and Sara J. to Akers, Dylan and Hill, Natalie, 3821 N. 173rd Ave., $160,000.

Eglseder, Debbie L. Trust to Craig, Cheryl D. and Barry W., 2635 N. 161st St., $385,000.

Belt Construction to Woodland Homes, 2202 N. 176th Ave., $57,500.

Brockmann, Aaron and Amanda to Nagel, Joseph, 2107 N. 167th Circle, $165,000.

Ramm Holdings to Widhalm Custom Homes, 17673 Burdette St., $65,000.

Hemmer, Mark J. to Voss, William C. and Elisabeth L., 17621 Patrick Ave., $445,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Dienstbier, Barbara and Jamie, 17601 Patrick Ave., $239,868.

Celebrity Homes to Padala, Sravya and Koppisetty, Karthik, 17578 Grand Ave., $217,500.

Richland Homes to Newland, Carol N., 17575 Wirt St., $262,530.

Wedberg, Gregg D. and Patricia R. to Wedberg, Darcie L., 17215 Manderson St., $130,000.

Brothers, Troy W. and Jill A. to Das, Arobindu and Biswas, Aparna, 17018 Grant St., $348,000.

Cox, Jennifer A. and Justin to Witzel, Brandon and Bryon, 16305 Browne St., $149,000.

Clausen-Wright, Susan to Clausen-Wright, Susan and Leger, Andrew J., 16109 Sahler St., $121,000.

Castle Creek Development to Mercury Contractors, 15459 Jaynes Circle, $40,000.

Sherwood Properties to Lane Building Corp., 15151 Nebraska Ave., $26,000.

Incontro, Dianne L. to Nocita, Carrie and Robert Jr., 14968 Himebaugh Ave., $270,000.

Roper, Clifford M. and Kristine J. to Lucke, Bryan, 14918 Vernon Ave., $160,000.

Rodgers, Christopher G. and Barbara J. to McClure, Andrea L., 14521 Patrick Ave., $243,500.

Burns, Christopher K. and Minna E. to Olson, Spencer D., 14461 Grand Ave., $159,000.

Rushing, Cynthia D. Trust to Schmitt, Nicholas J., 14909 Newport Ave., $159,000.


Boyce, Jill M. and Brien to Roberts, Jaycie, 6206 S. 51st Circle, $124,000.

Manzo, Ma S. to Valdovinos-Nunez, Jesu and Gutierrez-Solis, Yessica M., 5316 Weir St., $115,000.

Vacek Homes Services to Thompson, Rick E. and Costello, Rachel M., 5235 Drexel St., $144,000.

Iflip Omaha LLC to Suesz, Tyler, 5184 Y St., $90,723.

Kaminski, Richard J. to Mapes, Jennifer, 4816 S. 46th Ave., $84,500.

Blessie, Leon C. and Elizabeth A. to Gonzalez, Sergio and Araceli, 4659 Drexel St., $105,000.


Eichelberger, Gregory and Judy to Johnson, Jolene J., 17655 Parker Plaza, $147,500.


Celebrity Homes to Cook, Paul A., 9113 Black St., $146,500.

Ring, Ronald L. to Thune, Nicholas T. and Isabel M., 8941 N. 81st Ave., $130,000.

Legacy Ventures I LLC to Seibel, Eric W., 8823 N. 81st Ave., $138,000.

Schmoll, John P. Jr. and Nicole M. to McNary, Matthew R., 8075 Redick Ave., $133,000.

Mehmood, Khalid and Sultana, Azra to Haskin, Micheal M. and Jorday, 7958 Bondesson St., $144,000.

Smith, Christopher P. and Shawnda L. to Hofferber, Joseph A. and Cindy L., 7869 Redick Ave., $134,500.

Cornett, Timothy L. and Sheila A. to Gatere, Maureen W., 7719 N. 107th Ave., $200,000.

Burlingame, Dennis R. and Shirley to Schlittenhard, Bryan A., 7647 N. 80th St., $145,000.

Meador, Chad and Hyatt, Mary F. to Wilson, Christopher and Brittany, 7605 Dutch Hall Road, $387,000.

Trouba, Tyler J. and Jaekels, Barbara J. to Pfanstiel, Daniel and Atkins, Hannah, 7419 Hanover St., $149,950.

Miller, Daniel L. and Tina M. to Goldstein, Russell D. and Amy, 7302 N. 106th Ave., $183,500.

Hicks, Frank L., trustee for Hicks Trust to Harris, Andrew R. and Jolene, 7018 N. 74th Circle, $160,500.


Daeges, Edwin J. and Kim to Vandament, Troy L. and Jamie L., 7825 Grover St., $128,000.

Kenton, Terry T. and Melinda E. to Ryan, Ronald R. and Julie A., 3410 S. 74th St., $180,000.

Taylor-DiPrima, Katy and DiPrima, Adam to Mathews, Wayne and Patricia, 2710 S. 100th St., $360,000.

Corritore, Janet M. and Frank A. Jr. to Brookshier, Robert and Moriah, 2105 S. 80th Ave., $360,000.

Macaitis, Stephen G. and Margaret R. Trust to Buonafede LLC, 2805 S. 102nd St., $150,000.


Schaap, Aaron R. and Danica T. to Valenzuela, David M. and Lindsey A., 9136 Adams St., $175,000.

Smith, Michael D. and Lisa W. to Grosserode, Scott W., 6311 S. 93rd Circle, $195,000.

Foy, Edward D. Trust to Marino, Joseph D., 8216 Oakwood St., $110,000.


Hanley, Maribeth to Rule, Michelle, 3914 S. 187th St., $282,000.

Anderson, Britt A. to Weber, Anthony J., 2837 S. 163rd Plaza, $125,000.

Dickerson, Ching C. to Russell, Charles A. Jr., 2760 S. 165th Ave., $240,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Wilson, Kelly and Weiler, Mitchell, 2133 S. 192nd Ave., $308,000.

Bannon, Sharron L. to Pittman, Patrick L., 19905 Hansen Ave., $435,000.

Parks, Scott M. and Jennifer A. to Haist, Christopher L. and Randall, Jennifer, 18918 Ontario St., $230,000.

Handley, John R. and Tara L. to Tefft, Patrick A. and Lori M., 1862 S. 160th St., $177,000.

US Bank to Hansen, Merrilee D. Trust, 1808 S. 193rd St., $390,500.

Pacheco, Joseph P. JR. and Stephanie M. to Kastanek, Anthony R., 17217 Pierce St., $226,000.

Snyder, Robert A. and Susan M. to Morhardt, Michael J. and Crystal A., 1717 S. 177th Circle, $320,000.

Radtke, Donald C. and Jonna G. to Boone, Tracy, 16606 Elm St., $342,700.

HBI LLC to Graeve, Nicholas M. and Jenna L., 16228 Wright Plaza, $111,000.

Matthes, Tracy R. to Mekala, Sekhar, 1368 S. 197th Ave., $280,000.

Legacy Ventures I to Rodencal, Jeffrey J., 1273 S. 165th Ave., $177,000.

Burry, Kimberly L. Trust to Sommer, Mark A. and Heidi M., 16318 Westfield Circle, $291,000.


Rogers, Caleb J. and Kaleigh M. to Goebel, Daniel, 4338 Cass St., $132,000.

CYRI Properties to JSD Real Estate Co., 3000 Farnam St., $47,500.

Beribak, Ronald and Mary to Hazel and Hydrangea LLC, 216 N. 32nd Ave., $84,500.


Callander, Martha L. to Fleming, Maxwell J. and Natalie A., 6015 Charles St., $172,000.


V Mortgage REO 2 LLC to Rodriguez, Manuel and Consuelo, 9628 Meredith Ave., $89,700.

Nieman, Roger A. and Monica L. to McDermott, Mitchell P., 9614 Maple St., $197,500.

Bridges, Amanda K. to Wolfe, Deanna L., 9368 Ogden St., $126,000.

Becker, Josh T. to Colburn, Emilee A. and Hinkle, Brian R., 9117 Meredith Circle, $147,500.

Hoover, Shaun and Anne to Carpenter, Noah W., 8217 Meredith Ave., $144,900.

Bishop, James L. Jr. and Meadows, Ginger to Rigatuso, Eli R., 5715 N. 81st St., $145,000.

Chvala, Michael R. to Jones, Samantha and Gerald, 5522 N. 92nd Ave., $140,000.

Brown, Denny R. and Aimee R. to Faughn, Jarrad W. and Kimberlee L., 5006 N. 105th St., $220,500.

Yenny, John A. to Groeneweg, Craig and Jessica, 4008 N. 93rd St., $146,000.

Lewis, Andrew B. and Alicia A. to Kaue, Sai H. and Breh, Aye, 3853 N. 100th Ave., $130,000.

Soderquist, Clark L. to Baumann, Austin J., 2317 N. 79th St., $75,000.

Pitschmann, OA, personal representative, to Pettit, Jamie L. and Matthew W., 9912 Emmet St., $144,000.

Syas, Donald V., personal representative, to McGrath, Lyndell J., 9406 Maplewood Blvd., $128,000.


Pine Crest Homes to Morgan, Anne M., 6214 S. 180th Avenue Circle, $353,544.

Morhardt, Michael J. and Crystal A. to Lidgett, Clayton J. and Brittany J., 6008 S. 156th Avenue Circle, $265,000.

Herrin, Colby T. and Brittany N. to Herdrich, Jakob D., 5707 S. 190th Terrace, $160,000.

Boeck, Justin and Megan to Biery, Todd A. and Nicole, 5610 S. 163rd Ave., $310,000.

Hopkins, Lauren D. and Blake A. to Stade, John K. and Katherine L., 5401 S. 165th St., $268,000.

Celebrity Homes to Trout, William C. and Kaitlin E., 5333 S. HWS Cleveland Blvd.., $160,900.

Boone, Tracy D. to Kool, Dane P. and Monica V., 4821 S. 194th Ave., $194,500.

Simmons, Tierre J. and Tiffany L. to Peters, Benjamin R., 4522 S. 176th Ave., $159,000.

Splonskowski, Kyle D. and Tressa R. to Schramer, Justin and Kimberly, 4164 S. 200th St., $260,000.

Pine Crest Homes to Bedore, William J. and Marjorie, 20003 Polk St., $330,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jones, Elizabeth R. and Washkuhn, James F., 19891 K St., $300,600.

Kreikemeier, Adam L. and Penny M. to Babe, James T. and Victoria L., 19512 Laci St., $149,900.

Bedlan, Karen L. to Tantillo, Megan G., 19421 R St., $152,500.

Nielsen Investments to Bruegman, Ray A. and Dana L., 19417 W St., $150,000.

Blocklinger, Jeffrey M. and Michaela P. to Ruddick, Jamie R., 18701 Washington St., $180,900.

Kumm, Randy and Lorri to Kumm, Amanda J., 17708 Jacobs St., $155,000.

Endorf, Diane to Marshall, Christopher and Brittany, 16536 Weir St., $179,950.

First National Bank of Omaha, trustee, to 5109 Real Estate LLC, 17826 Monroe St., $244,000.

Lemay, Margaret S. Trust to Wohlenhaus, Frederick and Deborah K., 17051 Karen St., $235,700.


Newman, Michael L. and Rebecca L. to Smith, Amy C., 5941 S. 109th Circle, $185,000.

Smollen, Mitch and Meinzer, Lacey to Fields, James G., 5729 S. 137th St., $159,900.

HBI LLC to White, Kenneth M. Sr. and Martha L., 5017 S. 128th St., $136,080.

Ring, Jason and Jessica to Praeuner, Ryan, 15320 Monroe Circle, $151,000.

Peters, John F. III and Meier, Christine J. to Marsh, Douglas L. and Carol T., 14613 Washington St., $248,000.

Wilson, Patricia D. Trust to ROYA LLC, 6215 Cypress Drive, $93,000.

Kaspar, Ronald M., personal representative, to Kriegler, Adam and Lynette, 14071 Drexel Circle, $160,000.


Lewis-Starostka Inc. to Dynasty Homes, 7501 N. 130th St., $46,000.

Jensen, Sarah M. and Bryan J. to Shagabandi, Shiva K., 7414 N. 143rd St., $167,000.

Celebrity Homes to Cooper, Jonathan D. and Courtney D., 7311 N. 142nd St., $201,050.

Wiener, Marvin B. to Benson, Katie L., 7175 N. 126th Ave., $313,000.

Simonson, Kristine B. and Biegert, Douglas J. to Luethge Homes, 12920 Scott St., $55,000.


Holland Robert L. and Nancy J. to Schwegler, Jeffrey J. and Amanda M., 3523 S. 116th St., $196,000.

Druivenga, Charlotte L. to Cordell, Kristofer H., 3417 S. 130th St., $125,000.

Collins, Russell S. and Kelly A. to Morrow, Sean and Sandy, 3303 S. 116th Ave., $218,500.

West, David D. to Block, Michael J., 2305 S. 125th St., $130,000.

Shirk Management to Grant, Thomas J. and Koris, Kylie J., 1864 S. 122nd Ave., $190,000.

Haagenson, Lowell J. and Nancy S. to Soulliere, Deanna L. and Jeffrey G., 11706 Cryer Ave., $216,800.

Acquazzino, Diane O., trustee for Olson, Rae A. Trust to Jamrozy, Sherry, 3108 S. 109th St., $145,000.

Brick, Edward E., trustee, to NVESTCO LLC, 12418 Martha St., $86,000.


Ware, Yvonda to Sumlut, Sam, 6238 Read St., $113,000.

Olive Crest United Methodist Church to Morse, Ralph E. and Anita J., 6102 Country Club Road, $170,000.


NAT LLC to Brozek, Jason and Michelle, 1805 N. 130th Circle, $331,000.

Noel, Simon and Donna D. to Paulmeyer, David and Kristen, 1630 N. 129th St., $354,950.

Nelson, Andrew C. and Stephanie S. to Trosper, Joseph R. and Lisa M., 15383 Burt St., $185,000.

Preul, Jason C. to Eblen, Sharon and Sam, 15017 Fieldcrest Drive, $193,000.

Rohrig, Kyle P. and Amanda L. to DeBord, Cameron and Petrovich, Audrey, 14543 Franklin St., $180,000.

Cherney, Michael G. and Isabelle D. to Kapalis, Matthew and Molly, 12212 Rose Lane, $390,000.

Haug, Dwayne P. and Linda D. to Hauganseven LLC, 10911 Jackson St., $70,664.


Jochim, Emilee A. and Neal to Black, Stephanie I., 6318 N. 112th Circle, $136,500.

Showcase Homes to Line, Mark R. Jr. and Hullinger, Elizabeth L., 5414 N. 134th St., $199,900.

Showcase Homes to Skelly, Stephen, 5410 N. 134th St., $199,900.

Cadelynn Properties to Newby-Knight, Khea, 4815 N. 109th St., $125,000.

Visionary Construction and Mehlhoff, Jacquelyn to Callander, Martha L., 13544 Miami St., $215,000.

Jorgensen, Michael A. and Bailey to Albright, Paul, 13012 Browne Circle, $128,000.

Keyes, Malini to Glissman, Gary L. Trust, 12959 Corby St., $145,000.

Legacy Ventures I to George, Gary L. and Linda, 12460 Evans St., $257,000.

Heitman, William D. and Eileen F. to VIP Homes, 12228 Patrick Ave., $23,500.

Ronk, Kenneth L. and Tracy A. to Halverson, Amanda, 11221 Ellison Ave., $155,000.

Sevrench LLC to Lorenzen, Benjamin, 11219 Corby St., $116,000.

Weber, Chad T. and Tina to Clawson, Charles C. and Nancy R., 10923 Taylor St., $182,000.

Villotta, James D. Trust to Brock, Karen D., 13319 Hillsborough Drive, $180,000.



Bowen, Jared J. and Stephanie M. to Rivera, Brandon and Fitzgerald, Leah, 1014 Day Drive, $195,000.

TSW Properties to James, Daniel F., 105 Lorraine Drive, $112,000.

Ehlers, James and Melinda to Lyles, Siguard Jr. and Michelle L., 1216 Bellevue Blvd., $175,000.

Goeringer, Michael L. and Nicole D. to Richardson, Jonathan P. and Anna L. 211 Douglas Drive, $153,000.

Schneckloth, Ronald and Julia C. to Knight, Delbert L. and Sherell L., 2612 Jefferson St., $125,000.


Charleston Homes to Riel, Richard and Amador-Riel, Maria K., 17217 Christensen Road, $253,000.

McCune Development to D amp; E Custom Building amp; Design, 19805 Oak St., $37,000.

Koke, John J. and Gloria E. to Wohlers, Terrie F., 21015 Hampton Drive, $230,000.

Blue Jay Development to Pieper, Amy M., 21415 McClellan Circle, $211,000.


Legacy Homes Omaha to Green, Marlon and Hunt, Shannon, 1011 Edgewater Drive, $310,000.

Woodland Homes to Hoehne, Richard C. and Ellen M., 10118 S. 124th St., $412,000.

Dave Paik Builders to Rupiper, David A. and Rebecca A., 10503 S. 123rd Circle, $429,000.

Fisher, Duane and Natalie to Guy, Karen L. and Michael E., 2006 Sunburst Ave., $235,000.

H amp; H Holdings to Weale, Kevin and Melani, 405 Laredo Road, $150,000.

Daup, Richard M. and Kathleen to Rodriguez, Delfino and Annette, 447 N. Monroe St., $19,000.

Daup, Lorraine and Denise D. and Kritenbrink, Kandis M. and Gerald L. and Erxleben, Lisa M. and Daniel to Rodriguez, Delfino and Annette, 447 N. Monroe St., $76,000.

Lolley, Trevor and Annette to Monmel Properties, 525 N. Adams St., $150,000.

Zurek, Connie S., trustee for Zurek Residence Trust to Tworek, Benjamin J. and Laura M., 713 Elm Hurst Drive, $215,000.

Crockett, Brian and Ali to Banks, Ira III and Bettina, 7634 Legacy St., $414,000.

Kole, Eric and Tara to Warner, Brett S., 831 Spruce Drive, $195,000.

Gebhart, Susan E. and Thomas J. Trust to Hayes, Jeremiah A. and Amanda J., 919 Iron Road, $209,000.


DeLaney, Brian W. and Laura A. to Schuck, David L., 1005 Grenoble Drive, $165,000.

Celebrity Homes to Jenison, Oscar D. Jr. and Juanita L., 13801 S. 42nd Ave., $223,000.

Snow, David M. to Bateman, Emily C., 14102 E. Tregaron Ridge Ave., $143,000.

Robinson, Sara A. to Williams, Marlyn J. and Desiree, 14309 S. 25th Ave., $151,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Ngamelue, Camillus S., 1707 Meadowlark Lane, $267,000.

Lewman, Johnathon L. and Angela M. to Stier, Carissa J., 2315 Willow Circle, $150,000.

Wilson, Kyle B. and Jessica to Baig, Mirza M. and Fariha, 2706 Michaela St., $130,000.

Kean, Christopher S. and Jocelyn A. to Johnson, Jay L. and Nanci D., 3215 Chad St., $195,000.


Lindhorst, Dale P. and Susan J. to Kenton, Terry T. and Melinda E., 10220 Brentwood Drive, $217,000.

McNerney, Gerald and Cara to Cantu, Sonia A. and Maria L., 10419 Hillcrest Drive, $300,000.

Padilla, Angel A. and Karen B. to Zhang, Rui X. and Xian C., 6721 Hillcrest Lane, $203,000.

Feld, Kerry, trustee, to B Properties LLC, 7414 Harvest Hills Drive, $116,000.

CMS Mowing Service to Wright, Qwinn M. and Abigail, 7530 S. 75th Ave., $124,000.

Schwab, Robert J. and Robin D. Trust to Wilhite, Clark C. and Robyn A., 9139 Brentwood Drive, $360,000.

Johnson, Lois A. to Mikesh, Timothy and Mary, 9222 Granville Parkway, $290,000.


Currey, Steven C. and Carol A. to Dennis, Jeff and Heidi, 1804 Deerfield Way, $234,000.

Legacy Homes Omaha to Jensen, Andrew G. and Kelly J., 2120 Alexandra Road, $244,000.

Celebrity Homes to Auske, Robert M. and Sheila R., 8527 S. 69th Circle, $216,000.


JMF LLC to Royal Development, 10707 S. 174th Ave., $90,000.

Celebrity Homes to Schmidt, Philip P. and Jessica A., 18802 Willow St., $225,000.

Celebrity Homes to Taylor, William J. and Karen M., 18812 Blackwalnut St., $238,000.

Weatherly, Michael T. and Rachel B. to Acosta, Kimberly, 7822 S. 161st Terrace, $165,000.

Neilson, Jeremy J. and Brittany to Robinson, Scott and Amanda, 8807 S. 164th St., $181,000.

Maher, Ryan J. to Garrean, Darren K. and Renae D., 9205 S. 172nd St., $279,000.


Dickman, Alisha N. and Paul to Miller, Tina L. and McDowell, David A. Sr., 13521 Glenn St., $173,000.

Fishler, Joseph and Renee J. and Kruse, Brian to Introfiant LLC, 13613 Redwood Circle, $119,000.

Carroll, Michele P. to WLR Properties, 14609 Gertrude St., $97,000.

Cunningham, Reginald W. and Catherine to Penix, Keith, 15208 Gertrude St., $209,000.

Wichert, Michael A. and Marie M. to Swierczek, Jordan L. and Rebecca R., 7120 Audrey St., $162,000.


Pierce, Leshane to Williams, Kenneth and Janet, 2703 Alberta Ave., $165,000.

Noesen, Michael H. and Julie L. to Cascio, Samuel R. and Ivette A., 4201 Olive St., $194,000.

Dietz, Andrew H. and Rebecca J. to Wilson, Alan W. and Racheal A., 9205 S. 17th St., $201,000.

Duerr, William G. and Kaoru to Jaquiz, Ruben and Jayme, 9306 S. 28th Ave., $265,000.

Solberg, Christopher C. to Nelson, Richard E. and Kimberly D., 9407 S. 27th Ave., $253,000.

Byerly, Eleanore K. to Gilane, David W. and Blakely, Alyssa V., 9414 Briarwood Lane, $139,000.

Woodman, Patricia A. to Mabe, Donald R. and Carrie, 9602 S. 23rd St., $195,000.


Robertson, Timothy M. and Ellen M. to Blocklinger, Jeffrey M. and Michaela P., 5001 Red Rock Ave., $140,000.

Medina, Getulio E. and Alina S. to Nguyen, Hien and Le, Thinh, 7101 S. 49th Avenue Circle, $130,000.

Banks, Ira III and Bettina to Whittington, Phillip G. and Michelle R., 8389 S. 64th St., $240,000.



Ziegenfuss, Cameron M. and Stephanie to Hecker, Melanie M. and Schwery, Nathan R., 2300 Ave. D, $106,500.

Triplett, Coleen M. and Marc C. to Mickey, Jason J., 2545 Ave. F, $68,000.

Herr, Colin W. to Zaloudek, Kayla M. and Kyle, 3405 Seventh Ave., $102,500.

92 Investments to BC Homes, 3225 Middle Ferry Road, $39,500.

92 Investments to BC Homes, 3111 Middle Ferry Road, $39,500.

Baltic Avenue LLC to Steinbach Enterprises, 1129 Sixth Ave., $11,000.

Wright, Edwin D. to Rice, Kasey L. and Thompson, Matthew S., 2721 Pavich Drive, $140,500.

Hanson, Jeffrey A. and Staci E. to Ray, Ronald L. Jr., 2736 Ave. D, $83,000.

US Bank to Bendorf, Robert A., 2932 Ave. B, $22,000.

Nationwide Advantage Mortgage Co. to Secretary of HUD, 915 Third Ave., $82,000.

Colbert, Elizabeth I. and William H. to Patterson, James D. and Madeline, 5100 Crogans Way Road, $203,000.


Armitage, Katrina and Terry A. to Hutcheson, Benjamin J., 1230 Fairmount Ave., $147,000.

Nelson, Amber R. and Jerry L. to Dynamic Properties, 116 Rosebud Lane, $69,000.

Gearhart, Dwylan R. Trust to Gearhart, Nathan B., 213 Langstrom St., $45,000.

McHenry, Arthur C. and Cherlyn A. to Campbell, Spencer R. and Congdon, Nicole A., 18245 Northline Drive, $132,500.

Hansen, Jean C. to Mass, Mary E., 1112 Arbor Ridge Drive, $74,000.

Lamplot, Daniel P. and Jill A. to Goodin, Cynthia L. and Wayne A., 305 Delmar Ridge Lane, $427,500.

Kjeldgaard, Howard and Mary E. and Loser, Anthony to Maxwell, Chad B. and Tracy L., 57 Happy Hollow Blvd., $106,000.

Jones, Leonard L. to Fellhauer, Dennis O., 527 Bluff St., $126,000.

Kenney, Erin to Cowsert, Christine and Sean, 51 Opal Drive, $132,500.

BC Homes to Carmichael, Jay B., 1420 Larchmont Drive, $300,000.

Kersten, Matthew G. to Doner, Daniel P., 303 Locust Lodge Ave., $175,000.

Roarty, James B. to Brown, Allison M. and Hoyt, Justin L., 406 Huntington Ave., $123,000.

Council Bluffs Development Corp. to Habitat for Humanity of Council Bluffs, 215 Fuller Ave., $15,000.


McWilliams, Michelle R. to McMannus, Thomas L., 195 Carter Lake Club, Carter Lake, $115,000.


Schlueter, Sherri to Kelley, Christopher T. and Joni, 14943 449th St., Carson, $250,000.


Pettigrew, Alicia L. and Brent A. to Fischer, Donald E. Jr. and Tamara L., 1410 Golden Hills Drive, Crescent, $220,000.

Hansen, Bernice L., trustee for Hansen, Richard W. Trust to RBD Farms, 14579 Rosewood Road, Crescent, $95,000.

Hansen, Bernice L. Trust to RBD Farms, 14577 Rosewood Road, Crescent, $95,000.


Hook, Larry J. and Rachel to Johnson, Melissa and Michael P., 17286 Scotchpine Lane, Honey Creek, $259,500.

Stone, Henry R. to Brinkman, Floyd H., 20002 Sage Lane, Honey Creek, $250,000.

Rupiper, Cole L. to Lockman, Brian, 29510 Coldwater Ave., Honey Creek, $209,500.


Cochran, Alexia L. and Carl L. to Clevenger, John W. and Willard, Andrea R., 508 Park St., Minden, $155,000.


Eagle Ridge Rentals to Wilson, Joseph F., 605 Second St., Neola, $104,500.


Near, Beau M. and Heather to Dawson, Lowell W. and Sheila N., 707 Park Lane, Oakland, $78,000.


Neuman, Robert L. and Sara R. to Long, Brandon M. and Jennifer D., 25995 Juniper Road, Underwood, $325,000.

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